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Maxi-Serenity Consulting Services LLC has trained over 5000 IT professionals, mainly in Agile/Process Transformation and Coaching.

We aim to help organisations and professionals learn, practice, and master agility. We boast a wealth of vast professional experience in the practical implementation of Agility and trust the resultant value to business goals. Our partnership with reputable future 500 companies promises industry-grade Professional IT Service delivery.

With over two-decade experience in IT-based training, coaching, and consultations, Maxi-Serenity Consulting Services LLC has successfully placed many of its students in industry-leading IT firms. Beyond quality training, we partner with you through your growth journey.

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We at Maxi-Serenity Consulting have more than decade of experience in the field of Agile Transformation and Coaching, our goal is to help and support organizations, professionals to learn and practice agility. Educated them from our vast learning experience on the practical aspects of the implementation of Agility and ensure the desired values as per their business goals.

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Lean Portfolio Management

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Lean Portfolio Management

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Program Overview & Structure

Maxi-Serenity IT Certification Training Courses helps you start a journey of excellence from the Basics to Advance in Agile learning, We cover the SAFe for Teams, SAFe Advance Scrum, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe DeVOps, Lean Portfolio Management, Leading SAFe and a lot more. We are Providing Best Training with the 10+ Years Experienced Agile Trainer. We are conducting the classes with more practical sections and also with realtime corporate projects, It will help you to get job placement in good companies with high salary package. Our Trainers are offering Online Training and Corporate Training with basic to advanced levels syllabus prepared by Industry Experts. Our Courses are conducted on both weekdays and weekends according to the student’s requirements.

What Our Experts are Saying

Mildred Expert

Thanks everyone am am greatful, it only takes hard work and sacrifice. You must sacrifice something's in life in other to succeed. And am giving a big thank you to Maxi serenity as my foundation, remember if the Foundation is not strong no matter what you do after years of hard work the building can collapse. Thank you maxiserenity for laying a strong foundation. Courage to everyone who is out there looking for a job never get discouraged or tired, keep pushing your time time is coming September you will Remember. Thanks Prof.

Cyprian Expert

To Prof. Julius I say thank you, to Prof. Chilion I say thank you, to Prof. James I say thank you, to Prof. Pam. I say thank you, to Mr. Cedric I say thank you. To have been in the US for just five months and hit six digits is really a dream come true. I am deeply humbled. To my batch mates, I say thank you and say have the courage and to the entire Agile custodians family, I say thank you. There are no other words. To me thank you are the most powerful words.

Linda Expert

Thanks everyone especially profs (Julius, Chillion ,James, Pam) . I could not have done this without your help. Just like Sharon, I was another back bencher in all the Monday interview prep classes. I always learned something new after each session. The secret to this is hard work. After my PSM certification, I started applying for jobs but never got a single interview even after been submitted by those recruiters. In the beginning it was challenging but determination and hard work got me here. YouTube became my friend. please if you know a scrum master who works from home, try and shadow with them, It will help a great deal. And like Cedric said the other day, pick those recruiters calls. The recruiter that submitted me for this job called me when I was boarding a plane back to Minnesota. I could barely hear her coz my background was noisy but I remember all I said was “yes go ahead and submit me” . I believe yours is around the corner, pls don’t relent. If I can do this then most definitely you can. I really pray we all get an offer sooner than we expect. Thanks again everyone, I really do appreciate 🙏

Cedric Expert

Thank you all for the congratulatory remarks. Your support and encouragement along the way are what have led to this milestone. Please do not give up, do not leave any stone unturned. Respond to those recruiters. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Please reach out if I could be of any assistance.

Brent Expert

Thank you all so much! This is just the beginning for all of us! Keep your head up because they say it is darkest before the dawn. Well in my case that is true. I have been in a very toxic work environment for 10 months and Scrum was my way out. I got told no a lot and didn’t get a job I interviewed for two weeks ago, even though the interviewer said I interviewed perfectly and they had no negative feedback. They just had someone with more experience they chose. When I felt at my weakest I got the call with a job offer. Keep going and it will happen!!!!

Eve Expert

To Coach ( Julius, James, Pam and Chilion) I say thank you. Your support has been extraordinary. To my fellow colleagues in the field, please don’t get comfortable, this is just the beginning of endless opportunities. To my future colleagues- be encouraged.. take advantage of the support system @ Maxi serenity. Don’t give up. The beginning is always the hardest.

Elvis Expert

Thank you all so much for the kind words and encouragement. Thank you prof and the entire maxi-serenity staff. Please go through the mock interviews recordings it has all the questions and approach u can ever ask for to withstand and interview. Giving up should never be an option ,Maxi-serenity has all the tools to land you that next big dream. “Apply apply apply apply apply”

Firdous Expert

A big 💕THANK YOU 💙to all my aspiring Scrum Masters Maxiserinity family believe me this news was quite a surprise to me as well my fuel for patience was running out however my mentors believed in me strongly and kept me motivated I think the market is really great now go out and get the feel of facing the interviews and you will learn a lot through Inspection and adaption of your own flaws. Reach out to me I can help you any time my journey couldn’t have been rewarding without your prayers and your relentless support . I love you all And KUDOS to my supporting stars and angels .. My special Thanks to Tuwa ,Chillion,James Trish 💕Without you all my journey and destination was IMPOSSIBLE!! Keep me in your prayers always .

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